Make Flossing Part of Your Daily Regimen

Why Flossing Is So Important to Gum Health If you want to put in place the best oral health practices, flossing has to be a part of your regimen. Most people ignore flossing and assume that brushing their teeth is enough to keep their teeth clean. People make too many excuses on why they cannot floss. Some of the most common include: “My teeth are so close together, I am afraid I may injure myself, or I am pregnant, and I think flossing is not for me, or even, flossing is a myth.” Of course these are just excuses, because dentists recommend that everyone should floss their teeth at least once a day. if If you have not been doing it, then you need to start with immediate effect. Here is why:1. Flossing eliminates dental plaque: For you to avoid those numerous trips to your dentist to have your plaque removed, you should ensure that you floss every day, especially after meals. This will prevent build up that causes plaque and cavities. It is also a sure way of maintaining a healthy smile all day. It also prevents you from losing your teeth due to periodontal diseases.2. It helps in preventing bad breath: If you do not want people turning away from you wen you talk, or your partner avoiding your kisses, then you better get flossing. It will remove the food particles stuck between your teeth that could be causing bad breath. Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly will give you a fresh breath and improve your confidence level when you are among other people.


3. Protects your gum: The benefits of flossing are not limited to your teeth only, but your general oral health. If there is a build up of food particles between your teeth, then you can get a gum infection. Some people develop serious conditions on their gums that require a lot of procedures to correct and in the process, they lose a lot of money on something they could have prevented. Doctors have linked gum diseases to heart diseases and giving birth to low weight babies, so you may want to think about that anytime you skip on flossing

There are many varieties of floss. You can visit the drug store and check out the one that will be most convenient for you, depending on your needs and budget. So, whether you are pregnant, or you have braces, you should look for floss that will be good enough for you, instead of skipping out on the process altogether

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