Oral Cancer Screening Using Velscope Technology

Health describes your lifestyle and how you live. Leaving healthy comes from good nutrition, living stress free, doing regular exercises and above all, going for check-ups regularly to find out whether you are free from diseases. Living in The Palm Beaches is a great place to focus on a healthy lifestyle.

The Velscope Technology

This is a device used to conduct improved Oral Assessment in health centers, using a handheld scope used by dentists as a tool to assist in detecting oral tissue deformities, including pre-cancer and cancer.

The velscope system is a device which must be used in conjunction with and as an alternative to the traditional extra and intra oral neck and head examination. This ability is called adjunctive. Distinct from other adjunctive devices and tools used in oral exams, the velscope doesn’t require prolonged testing processes or dyes. As a matter of fact, examinations can be done in the dentist’s office on routine hygiene examinations. Not all dentists have this technology available. Florida Premier Dentistry offers this incredible potential life saving technology in all of it’s offices.

A New Approach to Carry Out an Examination for Oral Diseases

This technology is transforming the manner in which oral mucosal exams are carried out. It emits a harmless bright blue light used in inspection of your tongue and mouth. This device is tremendously sensitive to unusual tissue changes and the unique blue-spectrum light makes the soft tissue referred to as oral mucosa in your mouth to fluoresce. Tissues in good physical shape tissues fluoresce in different patterns visibly disordered by disease or trauma, such as fungal, neoplastic lesions, bacterial or viral infections.

A Supplement for COE

The velscope is a device used by dentist to supplement the old-fashioned extra and intra oral neck and head examination (also known as oral exam or in other words “COE”), and they are quickly taking on the use of this tool to assist in detecting oral tissue that are abnormal like pre-cancerous tissues or potential cancer that are not apparent or visible to naked eyes E Examinations are thorough and any suspicious disease can be quickly investigated in order to confirm the kind of oral disease you could be suffering from.

Get Your Exam Early

A velscope is an imaging modality device which is very sensitive to any changes to tissues. It has the capability of providing instant information to hygienists and dentists enabling early detection of unusual tissues and providing enhanced conclusions for patients being examined.

Statistically the results are exceedingly favorable: when an abnormally is discovered early enough the rate of survival for 5-years for a patient with oral cancer is approximately 83%. Regrettably, in most circumstances, oral cancer is discovered in its late stages, when the 5-year survival rate has dropped to about 50%.

Fluctuating Demographics

Recent research makes it clear that the risk factor for patients suffering from oral cancer has expanded tremendously to include a virus by the name Human Papilloma Virus (HPV16), resulting from the use of tobacco as well, frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol, an immune system that is complicated, and a hereditary case of cancer. This changes in demography offers a definite call to action for awareness and the importance of oral cancer screening using velscope technology.

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